What Does God Say About Money

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I’ve often wondered…

What Does God Say About Money & prospering

What Does God Say About

What does God say about  money?  Are we supposed to just be happy with what we have and live paycheck to paycheck?

What about all those prosperity preachers that say if we give enough to them…and their ministry, then we will be rich.  I even heard one say…“Send us a thousand dollars and watch how God will bless you.  If you don’t have it right now, put it on the credit card you owe the most on…and watch God pay that credit card off!”

I don’t know about you, but I bet even Forrest Gump wouldn’t fall for that one.

But unfortunately, many people have given to those ministries because they believed that the TV Evangelist wouldn’t lead them astray…would he?

Well, then maybe we are supposed to live life by following Mother Teresa’s example.  She seemed very happy, but she didn’t own much.  But, she had all her treasure stored up in heaven.

Now she seemed like an amazing woman, but most of us have bills to pay and family to take care.  God doesn’t want us waiting to die to enjoy eternal life.  He wants us to start enjoying the abundant, prosperous, eternal life right now!

What Does God Say About Money

So what does the bible say, what God say about money, saving money, spending money, being in debt and giving money away?

Well you can watch this video and get just a small idea of what God has to say about money.

If you hang in there with us, we will be doing an in depth study of what God does say, about being a steward of money and living the abundant life!

Hey, after this video, go check out the story about a Marine.

What Does God Say About Money

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