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Solving Problems Within A Business Opportunity

Solving problems is not the Key, nor is knowing what to do with the problem, the Key. How you respond when problems arise in your business opportunity, your relationships or your life… that is the Key! As long as you are alive and breathing…you will run into problems! Unfortunately and fortunately, the scriptures make it […]


Calculating The Risk in Starting a Business Opportunity

When you come across a business opportunity…you have to count the cost. Evaluate if you are ready, before getting involved in any business opportunity. Often times, the greater the opportunity…the greater the risk!


Recognize The Opportunity To Create Success

Click on this link to view in full screen “Recognize The Opportunity” Recognizing the opportunity is just the beginning to Entrepreneurial Success. In this article, we are going to focus on what the scripture says about making  money, but even if you are not a believer it’s easy to make money! The Opportunity always exist. […]


How To Make Money-Requirements To Prosper

Click on this link to view in full screen “How To Make Money” Everyone wants to know…How To Make Money!  What are the requirements in order for us to prosper?  What does God say about prospering and does He have requirements? God wants you to be debt free and enjoying the abundant life! Learn how […]


What Does God Say About Money

Click on this link to view in full screen “What Does God Say About Money” I’ve often wondered… What does God say about  money?  Are we supposed to just be happy with what we have and live paycheck to paycheck? What about all those prosperity preachers that say if we give enough to them…and their […]

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