Just a Bit About Us

Burt & Becca

Hello everyone!

I’m Burt and this is my wonderful wife Becca!

Becca is my best friend and together we are enjoying the abundant life!  But, we want you to enjoy it with us.

More and more in this day and age, we meet people who love God and want a better relationship with God, but because of bad experiences, the economy or simply because they were hurt by religion…they are not enjoying the life God has for them.

Well, we understand, because we’ve been there!

We certainly aren’t perfect and God is still teaching us, growing us and burning away the junk that we all have in us.  But, we choose to allow God to refine us and daily commit to follow Him and help others!

It is our desire to help you!

We truly want to teach you how to enjoy the abundant life and then…want you to be able to teach others how to do the same.

We are excited to be able to meet with each of you and help you to begin to see and understand all that God has planned for your life.

You can’t even begin to imagine all the good things God has in store for you!

Meet with us on Wednesday nights, we will do our best to help you see…perhaps a glimpse of what God has planned for you.

Remember, you are “Created For Success” !

You are Created For Success...God has a great Plan for your life!

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